Best for households with income greater than $200,000. You have reached a point in your life where hiring a professional makes sense. You are a busy professional and want a financial partner to help you navigate a complex financial world. Here is what to expect when you partner with Activate Wealth:

A Plan

Every client of Activate Wealth receives a personalized financial plan containing actionable recommendations and next steps.  Your customized plan will set the stage for a productive relationship moving forward.

Meetings & Access

Following our 5 meeting on-boarding process, you can expect to meet with us at least 2 times per year. In addition to scheduled reviews, you can always schedule time with us by booking an appointment via our online scheduling system.

Investment Management

We have the ability to manage your investments in house and/or advise you on accounts held outside of the firm. Investment management is included in our financial planning offering and we do not charge an additional fee for those services.

Strategic Partnerships

You should look at us like a personal CFO. As your CFO, we collaborate with 3rd party providers to ensure optimal outcomes. These providers often consist of CPAs, Insurance Professionals, Attorneys, Real Estate Experts, and the like.

Client Portal

Our online client portal provides you with a consolidated view of your financial standing and a secure place to store and upload financial documents. Your financial data updates daily and allows us to efficiently track progress over time.

Shared “To Do” List

We utilize a task management software to help our clients implement various recommendations. This platform helps us prioritize your action items and provides an open line of communication for when questions inevitably arise.


Do you have personal and financial goals?

Do you have a timeline for them?

How do you track your goals? 

Who holds you accountable? 

Do you have a formalized spending and savings plan? 

How much should you have in savings for emergencies? 

How should you save for short, intermediate, and long term goals? 

How much can you spend per month without feeling bad about it?

Which debt should you pay down first?

Should you be investing more or paying down your loans? 

Should you refinance your mortgage? If so, how? 

What repayment and refinance options do you have with your student loans? Do you qualify for student loan forgiveness?

Is your 401k allocated properly? How much should you be putting in? Should you use the traditional or roth option? 

What do you do with your stock options at work? How do they work? Are there tax implications? 

Should you also have an IRA, Roth IRA, or Brokerage Account? 

What tax considerations are there when it comes to various types of accounts? 

Are you utilizing all of your company benefits to the fullest? 

Should you use an FSA or HSA’ through your employer?

Which spouse has the more optimal health insurance plan for your family?

Does your company match your retirement plan contributions?

Are you properly saving for the education of your children? 

Are you considering additional education for yourself?

How does a 529 plan work? Which state 529 plan is best for you? 

How do 529 plans impact financial aid?

Where can you reduce your tax bill? 

How many exclusions should you be electing on your W-4? 

Does tax deferral make sense for you?

Are their strategies for reducing taxes within your current investments?

Is your family protected if something were to happen to you?

Do you have the correct legal documents in place? 

Do you need a Will?

Does a Trust make sense for you?

Do you need Life or Disability Insurance?

How much do different types of insurance cost?

Where do you go to purchase an insurance policy? 

How do you plan on replacing income in the event of a premature death or extended period away from work?


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