Acknowledge you may benefit from partnering with a financial professional. You are looking to save time, streamline your finances, and take initiative in building wealth for your family. As a busy professional, you want a financial planner that understands YOU and YOUR needs.


Schedule a time for us to have a 15 minute intro call. We will learn a little bit about each other and decide if you could benefit from our solutions. If we aren’t a good fit, we are happy to refer you to a financial planner that better serves your unique needs.

Team Meeting

Schedule a 1 hour discovery meeting with Activate Wealth. The primary objective of this meeting is to dig into your goals, values, and financial needs. We want to answer any questions you have about our solutions and give you all the information you need to feel comfortable moving forward as a client of Activate Wealth.


Investigate your future during our 1 hour deep dive meeting. During this meeting, we are going to dig into your relationship with money. This is where our process gets intentionally personal. A lot of financial planning is about deciding “what” to do. This meeting is all about the “why”.


Visualize the opportunities building wealth will create for you and your family. Consider what you will do with your time and energy now that you have outsourced your financial to do list. During this phase, there will likely be some emails and quick phone calls between us to gain clarity on your situation. Things that often come up in this phase are prioritization of multiple goals and operational items (i.e. navigating the client portal, providing necessary planning documents, and/or coordinating with outside providers).


Together, we will analyze your comprehensive financial plan at our presentation meeting.  At the end of this meeting, you will walk away with a detailed financial plan, prioritized action items, and the next steps for implementation. Take this time to ask all the clarification questions you need.

Think it over

Take some time to think about your initial financial plan. Do you agree with the recommendations? Do they feel aligned with your personal goals and values? What questions do you still have? Are there any adjustments you would like to make? 


Now it’s all about execution! During our last on-boarding meeting, we will answer any outstanding questions and set mutual expectations for our ongoing relationship. Activate Wealth will now serve as your personal CFO and implementation partner. Your finances and goals are ever changing and we are thrilled to help you navigate it all.