Proactive financial planning vs retirement planning: What’s the difference?

PROACTIVE FINANCIAL PLANNING VS RETIREMENT PLANNING: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? The terms “Financial Planning” and “Retirement Planning” often get used interchangeably. Most people assume these two things are the same, but there are often some MAJOR differences. In this blog, we are going to focus on the key differences  between proactive financial planning early in your career […]

Who is Activate Wealth?

WHO IS ACTIVATE WEALTH? This blog is going to take a high level overview of Activate Wealth’s strategy and value proposition. In particular, we are going to address 2 very simple questions:  Where did the idea of Activate Wealth come from? Why would you work with us? Where We Come From: Activate Wealth was launched […]

Saving strategies for six-figure earners

SAVING STRATEGIES FOR SIX FIGURE EARNERS Congratulations! You are finally making a great income and your career is on an upward trajectory. Living paycheck to paycheck is suddenly a thing of the past. While making money has been great, you can’t seem to figure out where it all goes every month. You’re not alone!  I […]

Cash flow is oxygen

CASH FLOW IS OXYGEN When you think about building long term and sustainable wealth, what do you think of? What is the key to becoming wealthy?  Most people will answer with some sort of investment philosophy or strategy: “Max out my 401k” “Invest in real estate”  “Start a business”  While any of the above can […]

How to avoid unnecessary tax burdens

HOW TO AVOID UNNECESSARY TAX BURDENS On the surface, taxes seem to be one of those things in life that we just can not control and have learned to accept. As Ben Franklin famously coined, “nothing in this world can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.  In reality, optimizing your tax situation […]